If you clicked on this, you might be wondering why I put “Cambridge” for my Master’s degree instead of “Cantab“. Because you might just know that it’s traditional to put the name of the university in Latin if your degree is Oxford (Oxon.) or Cambridge (Cantab.) and you’re wondering if I had missed that.

Not a very good editor, if I had!

But I didn’t miss it. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t like the idea of appearing pretentious, and I don’t like the possibility of the information being lost or misunderstood. So I put the name of the university in English. And I’m putting this note in here to let you know about my motives.

See, that’s how an editor works. We give you good advice, and if it’s controversial we’ll give you the reasoning behind it, too.

No, they didn’t teach me that at Cantab.


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